Hello world!

Welcome to Valinor’s new website!

This is the very first post on our new site and we are very excited to get started. A great deal of functionality has been added including: mobile browser support, an event calendar, event count down clocks, full width pages, a responsive layout, and much more.

Progress will be made as quickly as possible our hope is to have the site done by the end of February 2016. Once it’s completed our intention is to post more often and do a better job keeping the site up to date. A few assistant administrators will be helping with site content and posts to spread out the work load and see that we meet our goals.

2016 is an exciting year for Valinor, with Pangaea kicking off the season in January, Chapter Day Battles February-May, Ragnarok 31, and a Valinor hosted campout in September. Lots of chances for us to see our fellow Texas Dagorhirum, and get in a lot of good fighting.

Valinor continues to grow steadily adding a couple dedicated members every few months. It’s great to see the Realm growing and to top it off there is no internal conflict to speak of. As we have all seen at one time or another, drama is not conducive to growth. All current members work together when necessary, treat each other and new players with respect, and have fun while doing it.

That’s all for now, back to site development. Hope to see you guys at the February 20th Valinor Day Battle, hosted by The Rangers of the North Shore.

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