Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get often. If you have a question not covered below please send it to us using the form contact page.

  • How much does it cost to play?

    Playing Dagorhir requires no membership or participation fees, and requires you only sign the waiver to participate. Any money that you spend on Dagorhir is for your own gear including garb and weapons, or for special event fees.

  • What should I bring to my first practice?

    All you will really need for your first practice is yourself. Loaner weapons are generally available, and garb isn’t enforced for newer players (however if you have your own weapons and garb, it is encouraged that you bring them). Water and athletic protection such as knee pads are other items to consider bringing. The rules will be explained to you, and if you haven’t signed the waiver yet you will be required to do so. After that you are ready to play. After a few weeks it is expected that you obtain or start to obtain your own equipment, such as weapons or garb, to allow other newer players to use the loaner gear.

  • Is there a class or ranking system?

    No. Dagorhir does not recognize classes or ranks as part of gameplay. No player can acquire special privileges or abilities that place them at an advantage over others (unless a special game type permits this).

  • Can I use any weapon I want?

    Yes! Dagorhir does not limit players with classes or prerequisites in regards to weapons. So long weapons meet the criteria laid out in the MoA and is passed by a Weapon Checker, any person may use any weapon at any time.

  • Can I wear armor?

    Yes! Dagorhir allows for participants to armor themselves in either leather or metal armors. All armor must met requirements outlined in the MoA.

  • Is there magic in Dagorhir?

    For the most part, no. Magic spells and enchantments are not a part of Dagorhir gameplay with the exception of “healing poems” as outlined in the MoA. Healing poems aside, there is no magic system in place for Dagorhir.

  • Are the weapons safe?

    Yes. Legal Dagorhir weapons are designed to prevent injury. Weapon checkers check every weapon both new and old frequently to ensure that the chance of serious injury is minimal.

  • How hard to you hit?

    Dagorhir is a full contact game. People are encouraged to swing fast and hard to ensure other players acknowledge when they have been hit. Full shield manipulation is allowed, including bashing, checking, edging, and shield kicking. All weapons and shields are padded for safety to allow this type of game play without serious injury.

  • Can I grapple people?

    Yes, to a certain degree. Dagorhir allows unarmored participants to initiate in light grappling. This means pushing, pulling, and grabbing. Locks, throws, chokes, or any type of joint manipulation is not allowed at any point. You may not grab the striking surface of an opponent’s weapon at any time, however you may do so to your own weapons. The shaft or handle of any weapon is also open to be grabbed.

  • What are Units?

    Units are a group of people who optionally unite under a single group name. Units, which are different from Chapters or “Realms”, are entirely optional to participants. Units may also have certain rules or requirements for being a member, and any persons interested are encouraged to seek out information to see if a unit fits with the desires of the player.

  • Are there different game types?

    Yes! Dagorhirs’ rules provide the option of allowing a multitude of objectives to be tied in with regular gameplay, ranging from Capture the Flag to Assault. Most weekly practices will be geared towards basic improvement in the game, and events are almost entirely objective based scenarios.

  • Can I still play if I can’t make it to every practice?

    Absolutely. Participation is entirely dependent on the participant, and how much or how little they attend practices does not exclude them from playing when they can.

  • Can I hit people in the head?

    No. The only weapons that may target a person’s head are projectiles such as arrows or javelins. Otherwise, the head is not a legal target and should not be aimed for.

  • How do I get weapons?

    Weapons can be either made by yourself at home, or bought from a smith. If making weapons yourself, be sure to carefully read the requirements in the MoA for weapons to pass.

  • What kind of weapons are there?

    Dagorhir has multitude of weapons such as longswords, katanas, pole axes, glaives, spears, great swords, and even bow and arrows. All weapons are classified by damage type though, such as blue, red, green, or yellow.

  • How do I get garb?

    Garb can either be made or bought. In general, if a piece of garb is not made of florescent colors or show any modern logos, it will likely pass. It is encouraged to ask other players on how to acquire garb to help you achieve the design in mind without risking the garb failing.

  • What are events?

    Dagorhir events are scheduled meetings where members from different Chapters meet to battle and feast together. An event can range from a single day to a whole week or more. Details about a Dagorhir event (time, location, cost, etc.) are outlined on the event page wherever it may be listed.

  • What is Ragnarok?

    Ragnarok is the largest Dagorhir event of the year, taking place at Coopers Lake Campground in Pennsylvania. Players from all over the country come together for a 10 day event with massive battles and many night time events including food, fighting, and revelries.

  • What happens if both I get hit in the leg, and I already lost a leg?

    It depends on how your legs are positioned, and which leg was hit. If both of your knees are on the ground, and you are hit in either leg, you die. If your already hit leg (dead leg) is kneeled on the ground, and your non hit leg (live leg) is hit and it is not kneeled on the ground, then you die. If your dead leg is hit and your live leg is not kneeled on the ground, you do not die and you communicate that you were struck in the already hit leg.

  • What happens if I get hit in the arm that I already lost?

    If you are hit in the arm that you already lost, you die. When you are hit in the arm and you place it behind your back, it is as if that arm is no longer there. Therefore, a strike to the missing arm goes through and hits torso, which is death.

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  • “As a girl who wasn't quite sure where she fit in, I feel beyond comfortable with this group of fighters. Your welcome to be anything you please from a swordsmen to an archer or even a spectator/non-com. It's an easy going group who likes to laugh a lot.”- Samme Watson     
  • “The first time I picked up a sword I knew that this was going to be fun. Even at my first practice, the group was very friendly and took the time to get to know me and then more importantly show me the ways of stick fighting. Two and a half years later, I now have a much bigger extended family, and a very exciting social life.”- Dan Henderson     
  • “I am always looking for a way to stay active and always itching for competition, so when I was introduced to Dagorhir I was nothing short of excited! After getting to know everyone in Valinor, Dagorhir became something more than competition and a way to stay in shape. Valinorians became family and some of my closest friends! It is great getting to come out every week and hit my friends with foam sticks!”- Stiorra Izen     
  • “Back in the very first days of 2006, a friend of mine called Alakcrist finally got me to come out and give Dagorhir a try. I had never done any larping or mock combat prior and for the most part was uninterested in sports. All it took was someone to hand me the first foam sword I had ever held and say “You can hit your friends with this, no holds barred.” And from that moment on I was hooked. I have been playing ever since.”- Sir Illisai Izen     

Did You Know?


is the most durable weapon core.

Using 1/2" round fiberglass for anything 40" long and under makes for the best possible weapon core lifespan. Some fighters have had the same core for over 10 years.