About Valinor

“There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Iluvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought.”

-An account of the Ainulindale

Valinor is a full contact medieval combat organization. We are located in Southeast Texas, centered on the city of Houston. We use foam padded weapons or boffers to recreate medieval combat. Participants assume the role of a persona that could have lived in pre-firearms history or fantasy, dress in the period and culture’s clothing, and meet on the battlefield for combat.

The Realm of Valinor is an official chapter of Dagorhir Battle Games that stretches across the nation. To get right into the fighting check out the links below, for a little Tolkien flavor text about Valinor continue reading.

  • Practice – Are weekly get together, all are invited.
  • FAQs – Here are some of the questions we get a lot.
  • Dagorhir Rules – Don’t worry if these are confusing we will help explain in person.

Our Story

Since the dawn of time the Valar have lived among us; their presence felt in every passing cloud, every breath of meandering wind. As time progressed Arda has seen four ages come and go. Wars have ceaselessly torn across the lands of Middle Earth, leaving its peoples with countless generations of sorrow and hardship. Through these hardships, along with the passing of those that remembered, the people of Middle Earth have lost themselves. They no longer remember the promises of the Valar, let alone feel them walking omnisciently beside us.

The Two Trees of ValinorThough time has ceased its endless march for those in the Undying Lands, the free peoples of Arda have lived and died, just as their memories of days long past. The once promising lands of Middle Earth are writhing in shadow. The lands of men stand as twisted monuments riddled with corruption and lies. Orcs run rampant sewing chaos and wanton destruction, just as they have for countless centuries. The elves sailed from these shores an age ago, leaving Middle Earth to its own slow decay. The Dwarves, however, they waited. The Dwarves lay hidden in their mountain empires hopelessly waiting for a promise. A promise given to them, given to everyone so long ago. The promise of one final war. A war that would end all free life, or shatter this persisting shadow like a stone through glass.

During this war the strength of the peoples of Arda and Aman will be tested. Morgoth will finally shatter his restraints, and bring his malice to bear. He will sweep across these lands bringing war and death to all before him. Arda and Aman must stand united to break his armies. The Valar themselves will descend from the heavens, bringing with them heroes from ages past. This world will stand, or it will perish!

It is for this dim chance of a brighter, free tomorrow that we have forsaken our lands, the lands the Valar so graciously bestowed upon us. We have set sail from the safety of Valinor’s harbors for a crusade. We fight to bring light back to the lands of Middle Earth. Perhaps there is a chance that purity may prevail; perhaps the once free people will regain their previous glory, and stand united when the sun dies, and the sky is filled with shadow. In doing this we have accepted damnation and exile. The blessed lands of Valinor are behind us now, forever.

May our cause be noble and our aim true, the Belegaer can be a mighty and treacherous sea.

– Sir Alakcrist Baenre, Founding Member