About Foam Fighting

This pages covers the base terms you will hear while participating, what they mean and how they relate to Dagorhir.

Foam Fighting

This is the universal term we use to describe what we do at its most basic level.  There are tens if not hundreds of different foam fighting sports and games.  Essential, the common denominator between most of these is the use of equipment built out of foam and shaped to represent weapons and shields.  These padded weapons are then used to inflict “damage” on your opponents during combat scenarios.

Full-Contact / Practical LARP

Full-contact describes any sport for which significant physical impact force on players, either deliberate or incidental, is allowed within the rules of the game. Contact actions include swung weapons, thrusting weapons, tackling, blocking, and a whole range of other moves that can differ substantially in their rules and degree of application. Examples of full-contact sports are Australian football, lacrosse, Rugby, roller derby, water polo, wrestling and ice hockey. Foam Fighting Structure

Practical LARP is defined as; if you can’t do it, neither can your Character.  This is almost always true within this style of foam fighting.  There can and will be exceptions to this rule especially when scenario specific rules are created.

Dagorhir (or Dag for short)

We actively participate in Dagorhir, one of the sports within the foam fighting full-contact world.  Dagorhir is a nationally recognized organization that started around late 1970s.  The main function of this non-profit organizations is the maintenance and development of the Official Rules.  This allows members to organize and participate anywhere anytime without the confusion of additional or different rules.

Chapters / Realms

Dagorhir is organized into groups called Chapters (sometimes refereed to as Realms).  Usually these groups encompass a geological area, where the large majority of that realms population comes from.  This design helps groups unite at events and fight other realms from across the nation.

Our realm is called Valinor.  It was founded in 2007 by Illisai and Alakcrist, since then the Valinor community has helped Dag in southeast Texas grow into what we have today.


Units are subgroups within a realm, usually created by people with similar interests or ideals.  This often results in a uniform appearance, making unit members identifiable at a glance.

Some of the notable units in Valinor are: Army of Valinor, Rangers of the North Shore, Knights of Valinor, and Furya