Getting Started

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get started. Do not be dissuaded by any of these topics as it may seem like a lot at first but in reality Dagorhir has in quantity about 10% of the rules most other LARPS have. This helps keep the game balanced, easy to learn, fast paced, and fun!


Step 1 – Fill Out a Waiver

The very first thing you need to do before you can participate is fill out a waiver. You will find a link to the waiver at the bottom left of this website, or at the park when you show up.

Either way make sure to have a valid state ID with you so we can confirm the information on your waiver is correct.

Step one complete! That was easy!


Step 2 – Show Up

Come on out to one of our practices and give Dag a try!  If like so many of us you decide Dag is the game for you then you will want to keep going with steps 3 through 5.

Practice Info


Step 3 – Your Persona

Almost everyone you meet in Dagorhir will have a “Persona”. This is very much like a nickname and is what they will go by while playing Dagorhir, instead of their given name.

When thinking of a name for yourself you should keep these things in mind.

  • You want your name to sound like it came right out of history or fantasy.
  • It should be original, so come up with a few ideas and bring them along with you.
  • It should not be recognizable as a prominent character in history, novels, games, movies, tv shows, etc. No one will take you seriously if you introduce yourself as Gandalf or Naruto.
  • Remember it will be pronounced in English. Most people are not going to pronounce your name with any accents.
  • Coming up with a surname (last name) adds another level to your persona and helps bring it to life.


Step 4 – Equipment

We have loaner equipment available for use by new attendees. After three weeks if you decide Dagorhir is the game for you we ask you acquire your own equipment.

When getting your own gear, you can either build it or buy it. Crafting foam weapons is a lot of fun for some people and if you decide you want to try this route some of our members would be more than happy to help you out.

The majority of Valinor orders their weapons and shields from various websites. These weapons have a much longer lifespan than traditionally built weapons and very obviously do not take very much time as there is no crafting involved.

Here are a couple places that we order from:


Step 5 – Garbing Up

When going to garbed practices or events we all where medieval or fantasy inspired clothes, what we call “garb”. If you do not have any garb that is fine. This is very similar to the loaner, we do not require you to wear garb for the first few weeks, but if you decide Dagorhir is for you and are going to continue playing then you will need to garb up.

Garb is actually very simple, you can find quite a bit of stuff just by going to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any other thrift store. The idea is to use earth tones, dull / dark colors, nothing with a print on it, and no modern designs or logos.  Here are some examples of what garb looks like:

There are plenty of members who make their own garb in Valinor and will be more than happy to help you figure this part out.

Here a few links to some places that sell garb if you decide to take that route.