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Why We Garb

A man stands in a park in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, a foam sword in his hand and another on the bench next to him. People show some curiosity as they walk past but rarely do they stop and ask him what he is doing there. The same man with the same foam swords goes to the same park the following Sunday, only this time, ... More

Rag 31: Rule Changes

Here are the rule changes voted in from Ragnarok 31: Arrows: Draw stops must be between 27"-28". The range is to allow for variation and not require a perfect measurement. If you’re draw stop does not fall in this range the arrow fails. Any metal as hard or harder than a penny, and roughly the same size, can ... More

Hello world!

Welcome to Valinor's new website! This is the very first post on our new site and we are very excited to get started. A great deal of functionality has been added including: mobile browser support, an event calendar, event count down clocks, full width pages, a responsive layout, and much more. Progress will be made ... More