Welcome to Valinor

Brothers, Sisters, together we stand a sword in hand. Fight to defend our home, our land, our light. Vanquish our foes, the darkness, the endless night.

Welcome to the realm of Valinor! A realm where you can hit your friends with foam sticks, role play a persona you daydream about, learn a new skill or two, or sit with friends and simply be merry. Here in Valinor, we believe in playing hard, fighting even harder, and sharing both with our friends. Once you make the decision to come out and join us, I am confident that you will not only enjoy fighting alongside the Valinorians, you will also end up with a new group of friends and will count down the days until you can come out and fight again. We await your arrival and hope to see you on the battlefield.


Stiorra 'Rabbitt' Izen - Valinor Assistant Administrator

Featured Posts

Rag 31: Rule Changes

Here are the rule changes voted in from Ragnarok 31: Arrows: Draw stops must be between 27"-28". The range is to allow for variation and not require a perfect measurement. If you’re draw stop does ... More

Why We Garb

A man stands in a park in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans, a foam sword in his hand and another on the bench next to him. People show some curiosity as they walk past but rarely do they stop and ask him what he ... More

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